Conserving Memories

Slate CD

Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb: Conserving Memories | Konservieren von Erinnerungen
shale cd | Schiefer-CD, 2002-2009
(limited edition of 30 copies)

here the information in the CD Cover:

Conserving memories
Through deposition of sediment, fine clay, which
sank on the seafloor, the oilshale in the foreland
of the Swabian Alb was formed within 50 million
It is about 180-200 million years old.
Due to its genesis, it contains a range of organic,
fossil and mineral substances and is thus very
Earth and stone as materials represent – through
their attributes like smell, appearance and consistence –
a conjunction to homeland, roots and ancestry of humans.
At least a memory thereof.

Barbara Karsch-Chaïeb/ “Memories”/ 2009 CD Nr.1

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