Moon and sun elements…

Beuys's vitrine

Moon and sun elements from the Vitrines in the Beuys room in the states gallery Suttgart

I just visited the room, which was completely arranged by Beuys personally, when States Gallery was built. I think they made a contract with him, which prohibites to change anything in this arrangement. So I think it is impossible for them to lend the vitrines to other exhibitions, remove them etc., which is a good thing, too, I think.


I didnt find any reproduction image of the vitrines or the Elements in them, neither in their own publications, nor in the internet, so I draw them into my scetch book just today. I also send an image of a similar vitrine in Tate Gallery, London

I like very much and chose as you see on my drawing
– a coffee spoon, covered with wax
– a piece of card-board, used as a tool, to pour wax
– a broom, used too hard on one side
– a opium blossom/seed capsula in fat sockle

Peter Haury

heating the wax


edition of Peter Haury
Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009

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