World Ash

Anselm Kiefers

Anselm Kiefer: World Ash | Világ hamu

This painting is in the Stuttgart States Gallery also, I know it from my youth and for years loved it with a misunderstanding of the title in mind, because I mixed up ash with ass, so you see my personal connection with the Manzoni in a way. But when years ago I noticed my mistake, I didnt stop liking the work.
There exists a reproduction in the new catalogue of the states gallery, but I dont posess this, so I send you an image of a similar painting of Kiefer. The world ash is more dark, there is straw and burned pieces of wood arranged on it. It is about 3 on 4 Metres big.

Peter Haury






Anselm Kiefer: World Ash | Világ hamu
edition of Peter Haury
Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009

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  1. Michael said

    Thank you for this. It’s so interesting to see Kiefer at work, hints as to his method, as well as to see him at all.

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