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Dry Stamp

dry stamp

dry stamp

Thomas Ulm: Dry Stamp | Száraz pecsét, 2009


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Bottle Dryer

M. Duchamp, Bottle Dryer 1914-1964

Marcel Duchamp: Bottle Dryer | Üvegszárító, 1914/1964.

This one assumes that there is a profound relationship between the (all)ready made and a multiple. What I’d  like to do in this case is to scale down the original to a “Flacon Dryer” represented by 50 Flacon Dryer Flacons. However it looks. See you in Stuttgart, with best regards
Thomas Ulm
bottledryer stamp
bottledryer cutting
bottledryers in bottle

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Obligations pour la roulette de Monte Carlo

Duchamp in Monte Carlo

Marcel Duchamp: Obligations pour la roulette de Monte Carlo, 1924

There are a lot of other passions (besides gambling and the roulette) and today certainly to be in wants, we/many need money for. Giving out obligations seems to be the way. And now we know the obligation often is the passion, more than ever. So what we need for the workshop is: water, shampoo, a towl, something to take pictures with and some kind of printed forms or perhaps a confirming stamp.
Recipe sent by Thomas Ulm



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