Werkstatt Stuttgart

Plágium2000 was producing multiples together with the following Stuttgart artists in Oberwelt e.V.

Albrect D. 1

Buchmann, Jörg + Kranaster, Asja 1

Karsch-Chaïeb, Barbara 1

Haury, Peter 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Ozory, Georg 1

Prothmann, Peter 1

Sacchitelli, Maria Grazia 1

Schafer, Uwe 1

Senge, Steffi 1

Ulm, Thomas 1 | 2 | 3

Wenz, Julia 1 + 2

After the werkstatt on the following day we tryed to sell our multiples in front of the Würtembergisches Kunstverein on the Copy Shop Sale. Hundreds of people saw our works however almost no sale was made still the participants exchanged many works and recipes inbetween each other. Also Plágium2000 was organizing some exchange for those artists who sent multiples from Budapest.

Thanks to Hannelore and Jo you can see pictures about the Sale here and about the finnissage here.

At this point we are finishing the web documentation of this project. In the meantime some people are editing a video documentation and also somekind of printed documentation is under brainstorm process.

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