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Reproduction Bakeing


recipe of  Stéphan Le Merciér
baked by albrecht/d., Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009






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Artist Shit

artist Shit

Piero Manzoni: Artist’s Shit | Művész szar, 1961
version & edition of Plágium2000
Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009

Művész szar

“Probably many think of doing this as a multiple, but I also would like to do it again and again in the most unorthodox way as possible.”


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Dry Stamp

dry stamp

dry stamp

Thomas Ulm: Dry Stamp | Száraz pecsét, 2009

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Skulls and Sharks



works of Damien Hirst sent by Julia Wenz

I will need clay diamonds, perls or tiny objects in masses, theets, aquarium and any fish
middel point edding in white > chalk stick (the one you use for chalkboards)
Text:  Damien Hirst is plagiat-king and trademark. His branding makes  everydayproducts worth a million pounds.

the Skull of Damien Hirst

Skull for Sale



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Moon and sun elements…

Beuys's vitrine

Moon and sun elements from the Vitrines in the Beuys room in the states gallery Suttgart

I just visited the room, which was completely arranged by Beuys personally, when States Gallery was built. I think they made a contract with him, which prohibites to change anything in this arrangement. So I think it is impossible for them to lend the vitrines to other exhibitions, remove them etc., which is a good thing, too, I think.


I didnt find any reproduction image of the vitrines or the Elements in them, neither in their own publications, nor in the internet, so I draw them into my scetch book just today. I also send an image of a similar vitrine in Tate Gallery, London

I like very much and chose as you see on my drawing
– a coffee spoon, covered with wax
– a piece of card-board, used as a tool, to pour wax
– a broom, used too hard on one side
– a opium blossom/seed capsula in fat sockle

Peter Haury

heating the wax


edition of Peter Haury
Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009

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World Ash

Anselm Kiefers

Anselm Kiefer: World Ash | Világ hamu

This painting is in the Stuttgart States Gallery also, I know it from my youth and for years loved it with a misunderstanding of the title in mind, because I mixed up ash with ass, so you see my personal connection with the Manzoni in a way. But when years ago I noticed my mistake, I didnt stop liking the work.
There exists a reproduction in the new catalogue of the states gallery, but I dont posess this, so I send you an image of a similar painting of Kiefer. The world ash is more dark, there is straw and burned pieces of wood arranged on it. It is about 3 on 4 Metres big.

Peter Haury






Anselm Kiefer: World Ash | Világ hamu
edition of Peter Haury
Copy Shop Show, Stuttgart, 2009

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Steffi Senge: Ike-100-Yen-Shop
objekte | objekt

100 Yen-Shops sind sehr große Ketten in Japan, die nach der Inflation in den 80 er Jahren entstanden.

Hier kann man alles für 100 Yen – ungefähr 60 Cent – kaufen, die meisten Produkte sind „Made in China“.

„Ikebana“ ist eine Blumensteckkunst, die ursprünglich, wie auch der Buddhismus, aus China kommt und in Japan entwickelt wurde.

2005 habe ich einen neuen Ikebana-Stil entwickelt, den „Ike-100-Yen-Shop“, was so viel wie den 100-Yen Shop -Weg bedeutet.

Ich verwende Ikebana als Wertschätzungsstrategie. Anstatt Blumen setze ich nur Produkte aus japanischen Billigläden ein.Ikebana beschreibt den Herzensweg, von einem selbst zu den Dingen und wieder zurück. Ich verwende Ikebana als eine ästhetische Strategie der Wertschätzung, die sich auf die Frage nach der Herkunft und den Produktionsbedingungen der verwendeten Gegenstände hin zuspitzt.


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